A. C. T. Marke

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Andrew Marke was born in the West Of England near Taunton, Somerset. After surviving an early Dickensian institution he went to Wellington School. Fortunately, as it turned out, missing the ship to the Falkland Islands in 1959 for his first posting on a sheep station, he commenced his first employment at New Plymouth, New Zealand as a herd tester in 1960. He left this position and  completed his NZ experience on a deep sea trawler.In 1963 he moved to Australia and thence to Papua New Guinea. Initially he worked with Treasury but a desire to be in the bush working with and for the local people saw him transfer to the Department of Public Health as a field officer.. He left PNG at Independence in 1975. He commenced furthur study and became a librarian based in Canberra but moved to Tasmania, his second home, on retirement. his hobbies include exploring remote areas of Australia, particularly, Tasmania,  reading Victorian novels, walking through bush daily, swimming off white beaches in summer, cats, discussion groups and nostalgia. He currently lives at Low Head, northern Tasmania. The four novels, all set in Papua New Guinea, he has written so far are listed below.





PAPUA NEW GUINEA Novels, articles and short stories with a humorous emphasis.

"Classic British humour"

 The Examiner

"Certainly humorous and an easy read."

Brandl & Schesinger.

"Contains vivid imagery that gives the reader a good sense of being in the area ( PNG) also very amusing and humorous."

Interactive Press.

   Those who read one novel inevitably read them all.


At The West End cover
Offered a leave job in West Papua, Temlett Conibeer is unable to obtain a visa and is forced to walk in with his friend, Erik Mueller. Both soon find romance and marvel at the exotic region and its people and outstanding geographical novelties. but temlett is soon confronted with two dramatic and...
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Love on the Run cover
Rip van Winkle slept for a hundred years. Society must have been changed dramatically when he awoke. long term prisoners serving their sentences and being paroled must find bewildering change. Temlett Conibeer went to Papua New Guinea in 1960 with the rather conservative ideas that result from...
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Love in a Hot Climate cover
If you take a young woman just out from England whom you hardly know, into remote areas of New Guinea, against the rules, you can hardly complain if events turn life threatening. Will Temlett Conibeer never learn?
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Twixt Semites and Swastikas cover
With fresh leads on alleged war criminals in South America not eventuating, Mossad turn their attention to Papua New Guinea with disastrous consequences for Temlett Conibeer. temlett Is a field worker based at Lae in the sixties who becomes involved with a very attractive but rather eccentric...
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