Twixt Semites and Swastikas

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With fresh leads on alleged war criminals in South America not eventuating, Mossad turn their attention to Papua New Guinea with disastrous consequences for Temlett Conibeer.
Temlett Is a field worker based at Lae in the sixties who becomes involved with a very attractive but rather eccentric young woman, a medical graduate from East Germany, who mysteriously disapears. She is quickly followed by another, Sandra Donnigan from Fingal, Tasmania, to who he is tricked into offering accommodation and who knows no-one in the Territory yet is murdered soon after arrival.
Temlett is immediately suspected and eventually convicted of her murder. It appears he faces a long jail term until the reappearance of the German girl, Lena Adler, who breaks him out of prison and reveals her real identity and reason for being in the Territory.
 There follows a covert and hazardous trek across much of the centre of New Guinea by Temlett and Lena, sleeping rough without food or baggage and meeting bush characters, peril and adventure in a desperate attempt to clear his name.
 when the real murderer is located, temlett finds that his living nightmare is just about to begin


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